How many types of comment lines are there? (2023)

How many types of comment lines are there?

in general,twothere are types of comments: single-line comments; multiline comments.

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What are the types of comment lines?

There are mainly two types of comments as follows:
  • Linear comment.
  • Block comment.

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How many types of comment lines are there in Java?

Java programs can havetwotypes of comments: implementation comments and documentation comments.

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What are the types of comment section?

There are two types of comment sections,fenced and unfenced.

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What is a comment and its types?

Basically, there are three types of comments in Java. They are as follows: Single line comments. Multiline comments. Comments on documentation.

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What is the difference between a comment and a /* comment?

What is the difference between // comments and /* style comments?Comments with a double slash (//) end at the end of a line. Comments with a slash (/*) are valid until the comment is closed (*/).

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What is the difference between a comment and a /* style comment?

The line comment is //. Everything from // to the end of the line is a comment.To mark an entire range as a comment, use /* to start a comment and */ to end a comment.

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How many types of comments are there in HTML?

In HTML they existtricomment types: One-line comment. Embedded comment. Multiline comment.

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What are the three ways of commenting in Java?

Comments in Java are used to provide additional information about the code.Single-line, multi-line and documentationare three ways of representing comments in Java. This is optional. the developer is under no obligation to use them.

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What is a one-line comment?

Comments in one line

Any text between // and the end of the line is ignored by the compiler(will not be executed).

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What are the 3 types of comments in Python?

What are the different types of comments in Python? There are three types of comments:single-line, multi-line and document comments.

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What are the three types of comments in HTML?

HTML komentari
  • This is a paragraph.

    This is also a paragraph.

  • Hide part of the HTML code:

    This is a paragraph.

    that's a paragraph

How many types of comment lines are there? (2023)
What is the difference 9 between single-line and multi-line comments?

Multiline comments contain a group of text similar to a paragraph. Unlike single-line comments,Multiline comments have a beginning and an end. A multiline comment begins and ends with a slash and an asterisk.

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